You like the idea of working on your own guitars?

I don't blame you, you're collection is invaluable to you!

You’re here because you love music and guitars and want the satisfaction, that comes with maintaining your own instruments year round.

Right now, getting a setup costs $70-$100. Maintaining all your instruments year round costs a fortune.

And it’s no secret that more often than not, service is hit or miss with the hourly employee in a 3 Star retail store. 

Youtube videos are dangerous and a good way to harm something.

It would take years of trial and error to learn everything you need.

Instead, you can take control of your guitar maintenance and repair by learning from an expert. 

You'll gain the knowledge and skills to keep your instruments in top condition year-round, without breaking the bank. 

Say goodbye to costly repairs and unreliable service, and hello to the satisfaction that comes with being your own guitar luthier. 

Our online course is designed to guide you through the top 5 most sought-after guitar services, and give you the confidence to handle any maintenance or repair task. 

Don't risk damaging your precious instruments with unreliable Youtube tutorials .

You want to:

  1. Dial in the playability of all your instruments exactly how you want it. Year round.
  2. Care for them and maintain their value.
  3. Modify all you want without worry of messing something up.

You assumed it would take YEARS to learn these skills...

Gaining these skills  takes years when you don’t have the right training. Truth is, searching through confusing YouTube videos and impractical how-to guides won’t give you the solid foundation you need to put your skills into action.

At the same time, you don’t need to invest thousands in coveted training and expensive tools. 

You need someone to walk you through how to complete the repair services you'll be using the most.

  • Save money buying tools, know exactly what to buy. Don't waste money on tools you don't need.
  • Learn to dial in the playability you want
  • Service your instruments year round
  • Protect the value of your guitars
  • Enjoy your collection more
  • The money you save on repairs can be used to buy more guitars!
  • Help out your friends, become a resource to the band

Now, You can learn all the essential guitar repair services in one place. Learn the skills you need to perfectly maintain your instruments year round.

Guitar repair and maintenance need not be mysterious or expensive. The tools you need pay for themselves with one use.

The Instructor

Eric Petrus

Hi, I'm Eric Petrus, owner and operator of NoVA Guitar Setups in Alexandria, Virginia. I got my first instrument when I was 13 and I've been loving guitars and guitarists ever since. 

I get a lot of questions about learning services. There seems to be a mystery around guitar repair. The information on the internet can be confusing. People are worried, for good reason, about doing something wrong.

My goal is to deconstruct the services and break them down into manageable chunks that anyone can digest.

I believe that business is a way to give back to the community in which you live. I would love to see others players achieve the level of competence they are looking for in repairs and modifications.

I am going to show you how to maintain and modify your instruments. WITHOUT...

  • Investing Thousands in luthier schools

  • Trusting sketchy, outdated information on Youtube

  • Paying through the nose for tools you don't need

  • Stressing about damaging your instrument

Introducing Guitar Repair Essentials

Online Guitar Luthier Training

Master the Top 5 Guitar Repair Services from the Comfort of Your Home: Setups, Fret Dressings, Nut Replacements, Electronics and Soldering, Sharp Fret Ends, Tuner Replacements
Guitar Repair Essentials, Interactive Guitar Repair course


Students are saying good things...

“This course is a very good course not only for beginners, but for musicians that are wanting to work on their own guitars. Eric goes into good detail on how to do each task in the course. The information I took from tis course will be a great help in me meeting my goals. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to keep your equipment spot on.”

Danny Mans

“I have been building guitars and learning setups thanks to your class. I have been greatly helped with the information you have provided in your class for setup and maintenance of guitars. All in all, I think you have done a great job putting together the information for the course and in the demos. I can see myself going back and replaying parts of the course in the future.”

Thomas Preshong

“This course has taught me new skills to add to what I have already learned. Eric is to the point and is there to answer any questions you may have. I can't be more pleased with this course. Thank You Eric for taking the time to put this together. You are a great tech and teacher. Keep up the great work!”

Shane Johns

“The core concepts are so simplified that I can believe that anyone, even with no knowledge at guitar tech, can be highly confident in achieving success in Guitar repair. The course is very well constructed. ”

Martin Luciano

“ I can’t say enough about the value of the course content, it’s absolutely stellar, and the ongoing support is just as good. As a guitar picker myself, I’ve been able to greatly improve the playability of my own instruments while honing my skills. Bottom line, I HIGHLY recommend the course for anyone wanting to gain real-world knowledge ”

Jay Vance

“ Eric does a great job of centralizing all the info and guiding you through each procedure, both with pre-recorded lessons and live sessions (which are available to rewatch later). Also, I found the lists of recommended tools very helpful.”

Joel Pearson

“I found the course interesting, informative & fun! The Bass Guitar section was particularly helpful in getting the best from my Basses. The acoustic guitar section was very informative and I hope to be able to put some of the lessons learnt into practice…”

Cliff Whitefoot

“Thank you so much for your course!!!! You have given me a Huge set of ____ to go after my Passion!!!! I will forever be indebted to You! ”

Blair Feher

“Guitar Repair Business Starter has everything you need to start your own guitar repair business, or do all your work on your own guitars. The pricing is a bargain for all that the course has to offer. You get a hands on accessible instructor(Eric, The owner). All the lessons are recorded so you can access them later. The lessons are live, as well as written. Eric will teach you the ins and outs of guitar repairs. If you're into guitars as a musician, technician, or a future business owner. Take this course you will be glad you did.”

William Thompson

With Guitar Repair Essentials You Can...

  • Keep Your Collection Perfect All Year Long

    Make adjustments with the seasons. Most people play one or two guitars because the others aren't quite right. Now you can enjoy all your guitars all year long.

  • Do More Of What You Love

    Support your passions. That could mean performing setups or really going for the ultimate tone with modifications. Create a habit that pays for itself and gives you pleasure.

  • Maintain The Value Of Your Guitars

    You know exactly what professional techs know. You can keep your guitars perfectly maintained over their lifetime. Do the work with your own hands. Avoid the hassles of working with a tech somewhere else.

  • Save Money

    Sending all your guitars to a shop would cost a fortune. Not to mention, you have to do without your babies for weeks or months. You get your guitars back and it's exactly the same as before.

  • Master The Essentials First And Get More Advanced Later

    Build a foundation you can rely on. Move on to more advanced techniques when you're ready.

  • 100% Access All the Time. It's A Course With A Pulse!

    You have a repository of knowledge at your fingertips. If you get stuck, you can jump on a Live call and ask a question. Jump over to the community and pose your question to a secure group of fellow students. Surround yourself with people doing the same thing.

Here Is What You'll Get In The Guitar Repair Essentials Course

Total Value $743.00

  • 🎸Setups $97

    Learn to professionally setup electric guitars, acoustics, basses and Floyd Rose guitars. Dial in playability, set neck relief, keep your guitar playing beautifully.

  • 🎸 Fret Dressings $197

    Level, crown and polish frets. Eliminate buzzes.

  • 🎸 Electronics and Soldering $97

    Change out electronics and make solder connections. Diagnose problems. Wire a guitar from scratch.

  • 🎸 Nut Replacement $97

    Replace your own nuts. Upgrade for better tone.

  • 🎸 Tuner Replacement $99

    Change out your own tuners. Learn the easy way to avoid drilling out holes.

  • 🎸 Sharp Fret Ends $99

    File away sharp fret ends. Make your guitar 2X as comfortable.

Bonus Material Included With The Course

  • Exclusive Community

    $49/Private Month

    Join an exclusive community of students. Share your success and be supported along the way.

100% Money Back Gaurantee

Enroll in the Guitar Repair Essentials and get reassurance that if the course doesn't work for you, you have 30 days to request your money back with no questions asked. We want to make sure you get your value for money and find our product helpful.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Guitar Repair Essentials

    2. How To Get The Most From This Course

    3. Copy of What Is The Difference Between The Guitar Repair Courses

    1. Setup Tools Links

    2. Fret Dressing Tools Links

    3. Electronics and Soldering Tools

    4. Nut Replacement Tools Links

    5. Crack Repair Tools and Supplies

    1. Introduction To Setups

    2. Initial assesment

    3. How do you check your string height on an electric guitar. Close up video.

    4. Mechanics Of A Setup

    5. Fret Polishing

    6. Fretboard Maintenance

    7. Stretching Strings

    8. Stringing a Guitar

    9. Checking Neck Relief

    10. Adjusting A Fender Truss Rod At The Heel (Stratocaster)

    11. Adjusting The Truss Rod

    12. Setting Action At The Bridge

    13. Intonation

    14. Final Adjustments & Playing By Feel

    15. Setup Wrap Up / Discussion Of Core Concepts

    16. Troubleshooting Common Issues

    17. Setup Chapter Survey

    1. Acoustic Setup Introduction

    2. Acoustic Initial Assessment

    3. Acoustic General Maintenance

    4. Stretching Strings & Final Setup

    5. Acoustic Guitar Truss Rod Setup

    6. Acoustic Setup Quiz

    7. Acoustic Setup Survey

    8. Copy of Troubleshooting Common Acoustic Problems

    9. Acoustic Setup Live 4/6/22

    1. Electronics Introduction

    2. Cleaning Electronics

    3. Soldering A Ground To A Pot

    4. Tinning The Back Of A Potentiometer

    5. Soldering Vintage Push Back Wire

    6. Practice, Practice, Practice

    7. Enlarging Potentiometer Holes with a Reamer

    8. Soldering a Barrel Style Jack

    9. Soldering Gibson Braided Wire

    10. Removing A Stubborn Endpin/ Output Jack

    11. ES 335 Wiring Harness Replacement

    12. Replacing An Endpin / Output Jack

    13. Drilling Potentiometer Holes (Hollow Body)

    14. Wiring A Guitar From Scratch

    15. Electronics survey

    1. Nut Replacement Introduction

    2. Popular Tusq Nut Sizes / Inventory

    3. Removing An Existing Gibson Nut

    4. Removing A Fender Style Nut

    5. Removing a Viola Bass Nut

    6. Fitting A Fender Style Nut

    7. Hand Sanding A Gibson Style Nut

    8. Fitting A Gibson Style Nut With An Electric Sander

    9. Nut Replacement Survey

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 109 lessons
  • 18.5 hours of video content