❌ Stop wasting money and time bringing your guitar into a retail store technician that is not well trained.

✅ Instead, get the instruction you need to do a professional quality setup yourself or your money back.

Here’s a bold question for you:

What if you could stop paying for setups, start maintaining your own gear year round. Dial in your instruments to your own tastes. Have your guitars perfect for every Gig and Practice Session?

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading and I'll show you how. 👇

Hi, I'm Eric Petrus

Owner/ Operator NoVA Guitar Setups

At Guitar Setup Mastery, we know that you want to be the best guitar player you can be. 

In order to do that, you should know how to setup your own guitar.

The problem is that the training out there is not available or confusing which makes you feel helpless.

We believe you should be able to confidently setup your own guitar.

We understand that you have a busy lifestyle which is why we created a self-paced online course.

So, Sign Up for Guitar Setup Mastery today.

And, in the meantime think about how far you want to take your playing.

All It Takes Are 3 Simple Steps

To Master Your Own Setups

  • Tools

    Get what you need to do a professional job. You have to take precise measurements and make precise adjustments. You don't have to buy unnecessary things

  • Measurements And Adjustments

    Take precise measurements and make precise adjustments confidently. Follow along with step by step videos.

  • Support

    The best students always ask questions. Get support, refine and enhance your skills over time.

Will it work for you? You Bet...

I taught students of guitar repair how to use the Setup Mastery System. They've gotten results and given the course 100% positive reviews

“This course is a very good course not only for beginners, but for musicians that are wanting to work on their own guitars. Eric goes into good detail on how to do each task in the course. The information I took from tis course will be a great help in me meeting my goals. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to keep your equipment spot on.”

Danny Mans

“ I have been building guitars and learning setups thanks to your class. I have been greatly helped with the information you have provided in your class for setup and maintenance of guitars. All in all, I think you have done a great job putting together the information for the course and in the demos. I can see myself going back and replaying parts of the course in the future.”

Thomas Preshong

“This course has taught me new skills to add to what I have already learned. Eric is to the point and is there to answer any questions you may have. I can't be more pleased with this course. Thank You Eric for taking the time to put this together. You are a great tech and teacher. Keep up the great work!”

Shane Johns

“The core concepts are so simplified that I can believe that anyone, even with no knowledge at guitar tech, can be highly confident in achieving success in Guitar repair. The course is very well constructed. ”

Martin Luciano

“ I can’t say enough about the value of the course content, it’s absolutely stellar, and the ongoing support is just as good. As a guitar picker myself, I’ve been able to greatly improve the playability of my own instruments while honing my skills. Bottom line, I HIGHLY recommend the course for anyone wanting to gain real-world knowledge ”

Jay Vance

“ Eric does a great job of centralizing all the info and guiding you through each procedure, both with pre-recorded lessons and live sessions (which are available to rewatch later). Also, I found the lists of recommended tools very helpful. ”

Joel Pearson

“I found the course interesting, informative & fun! The Bass Guitar section was particularly helpful in getting the best from my Basses. The acoustic guitar section was very informative and I hope to be able to put some of the lessons learnt into practice…”

Cliff Whitefoot

“Thank you so much for your course!!!! You have given me a Huge set of ____ to go after my Passion!!!! I will forever be indebted to You!  ”

Blair Feher

Here Is What You'll Get To Master Setups

  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Private Community Access

  • Intonation Mastery PDF

  • Budget Friendly List Of Tools

  • Bass, Electric & Acoustic Setup Checklists

  • The Perfect Setup Workflow

  • Setup Cheatsheet Guide

  • Setup Safety Guide

Welcome To The Guitar Setup Mastery Course

The Online Guitar Setup Course That Will Help You To Setup Any Guitar Without Messing Anything Up.

Guitar Setup Mastery Online Guitar Repair Course


Here's What You'll Learn

What you'll learn:

1: Learn which tools are essential to do a professional job

2: Take precise measurements with precise tools 

3: Make precise adjustments with the perfect tools so you'll never damage your instrument. Without wasting money on things you don't need

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Budget friendly list of tools
  • Truss rod tool finder
  • Intro video to explain the essential tools

Measurements and Adjustments

Follow along and setup your own guitar with confidence.

What you'll learn:

4: How to perform general maintenance that will protect the life of components and enhance the playability of your instrument

5: Take precise measurements and perform precise adjustments until your guitar relief and action are dialed in to the recommended measurements

6: Intonation and Pickup height. Match the volume of your pickups, fine tune intonation.

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Step by step videos, broken down into small knowledge bites
  • A proven work flow and system
  • Step-by-step setup checklists, Bass, Electric and acoustic guitars
  • Recommended setup measurements
  • Neck relief PDF
  • Intonation Mastery PDF
  • 2.5 hours of video content


What You'll Get

7: Live Sessions (4 Invitations per month)

.Ask questions in a live environment. Up close access to the teacher. View live services in person. Enhance your knowledge by seeing new things.

 8: 100% Private Community

Access to a private community where you can ask questions. Help another student. Share your success. Show off your collection. 😁

9: 2.5 Hours of Video Content

Watch the content whenever you need to brush up or make sure of something.

What you'll get 

  • Weekly live session invitations
  • Access to the 100% private community
  • Play the videos as many times as you like.

Join now and...

You'll get instant access to

  • All Guitar Setup Mastery Lessons (Value $99.00)

  • Setup Mastery List Of Tools (Value $17.00)

  • Setup Workflow (Value $29.00)

  • All Setup Checklists (Acoustic, Bass and Electric Guitar) (Value $29.00)

  • Setup Troubleshooting Cheatsheet, Intonation Mastery PDF, Neck Relief PDF (Value $27)

  • Private Community Membership ( Value $49)

Support, Support, Support

You probably won't need us but if you do, we are there for you.

  • Exclusive Community Of Students ($49)

    Post your successes Help other students Ask questions and get answers.

4.5 Hrs Of On Demand Video Content

10 comprehensive modules

  • Watch Videos Anytime

    Have a large collection to take care of? Watch content as needed. Brush up on your skills anytime.

  • Maintain Your Collection Year Round

    There is nothing like being able to enjoy your guitars anytime you like. Now you can take care of humidity issues yourself. Polish your own frets and properly oil your valuable fretboard.

What students say...

“Everything was to the point and explained with great detail without bogging down with uninteresting topics. Great job. ”

Dale McGraw

“I'm very pleased with the course and Eric and what he has going on. It's very inspiring to go on and do this also. everything was spot on. I'm coming back for more I'm sure.”

Kevin Drake

“Hey Eric The course is great. It has showed me a lot of things that have helped me. I enjoy it very much. Thanks for the course.”

Greg Stoner

“Eric, Thanks for making the course it gave me the confidence I needed to do this.”

Mike Hardy

“ I started off with basically zero tools just some I had around the house here and there. The course is fantastic and easy to follow. There were several times I got a little overwhelmed and called Eric and he literally gave me almost hands on personal attention. Eric and his course get a five star rating from me. Thank you my brother.”

Gary Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are tools?

    It depends on what you already have. If you have a basic household set of tools with wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, then you are a step ahead. If not, you may have to buy those items. The items specific to measurements and adjustments are about $30. That's feeler gauge, truss rod tools, string action gauge. I give very budget friendly advice. I also advise you buy only what you need. The course is definitely not designed to sell hundreds of dollars in tools. However, guitar guys can get carried away. That is not the intention.

  • I am a new guitar player and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

    Yes, this can work for you. If will give you the foundation you need to maintain your gear.

  • I've been playing for a while. I already know the basics about setups. Is this going to help me?

    Yes, unless you already know how to professionally setup your guitar. The work flow alone will save you time moving forward.

  • How do I know I won't damage something?

    I personally won't show you anything that could damage your guitar. I'll go over safety before we start. Everything you do is reversible and as long as you follow instructions, cannot damage your guitar.

  • I've heard you shouldn't move the truss rod?

    Guitars are made to be adjusted. Period. The truss rod should be adjusted to counteract the affects of string tension. It usually only takes 1 or 2 small twists to get back to normal.

  • I don't have my guitar yet, will this help me with a brand new guitar in a box?

    YES! This helps you get your new guitar playing correctly, right out of the box.

  • When will I get access?

    You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, there is a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try the course with no risk.

Enroll in Guitar Setup Mastery and get reassurance that if the course doesn't work for you, you have 7 days to request your money back with no questions asked. We want to make sure you get your value for money and find our product helpful.

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Course curriculum

    1. Start Here

    2. Before we begin..

    3. What Is The Difference Between The Guitar Repair Courses

    1. Picking Out Tools ( Video)

    1. Mechanics Of A Setup

    2. Acoustic and Classical Guitar Setups VS Electric Setups

    3. Initial Assesment

    1. Fret Polishing

    2. Fretboard Maintenance

    3. Cleaning Electronics

    4. Stringing a Guitar

    5. Stretching Strings

    6. General Maintenance Survey

    1. Measuring Neck Relief

    2. Adjusting The Truss Rod

    3. Adjusting The Truss Rod At The Heel (Fender)

    4. Measuring Action At The 17th Fret

    5. Adjusting Bridge saddles on a Stratocaster

    6. Measuring and Adjusting Action At The Bridge

    7. Adjusting Springs on a tremolo style guitar.

    8. Final Adjustments & Playing By Feel

    9. Checking For Buzzes On A Stratocaster

    10. Intonation Mastery

    11. Electric Setup Quiz

    12. Setup Survey

    13. What If The Guitar Still Isn't Playing Right?

    14. Measurements and Adjustments Survey

    1. Acoustic Setup Introduction

    2. Acoustic Initial Assessment

    3. Acoustic Fret Polishing

    4. Acoustic Fretboard Oil

    5. Acoustic Truss Rod Adjustment and Play By Feel

    6. Checking For Buzzes on A Martin

    7. Acoustic Setup Survey

About this course

  • $19.95 / month
  • 59 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content